Kidz Holding to build new theme park in Riyadh (UAE Reference)
Saudi-based property development company Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Rashid and Sons said it has signed a deal with Lebanese group Kidz Holding to develop a new edutainment theme park in capital Riyadh.
The park, said to be the first of its kind in the kingdom, is being set up with the help of KidzMondo cities group, a leading children’s indoor theme park developer.
The property, due to open in the first quarter of 2017, will also serve as a launch pad for Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Rashid and Sons, as it plans to implement a total of seven projects in phases spread over the next decade.


The projects will be looking at an investment worth of SR500 million ($133.2 million), spanning over 10 years, said the officials at the signing ceremony.
KidzMondo City, a edutainment theme park concept from the Lebanese group, is a miniature city dedicated to children aged between two and 14 years.
These cities combine play time with learning, and help the children acquire knowledge about a great number of professions, occupations, and trades.
The activities are beneficial for developing the knowledge and mindset of children and for cultivating a sense of responsibility, alongside a love for work, productivity, and positive citizenship, stated Ali Kazma, chairman of Kidz Holding after signing the deal with Suleiman Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid, CEO of Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Rashid and Sons.
"We have always regarded the GCC countries, especially Saudi Arabia, as a strategic market for our innovative educational and entertainment projects," he noted.
"We also expect to achieve great success through the signing of this agreement and entrance into the largest market of the Arab world. This step supports our plan for further deployment throughout various countries of the world – most particularly the Arab countries in the Gulf,” stated Kazma.
According to him, the central idea of KidzMondo is to develop a small-scale city built for and ruled by children between the age groups of 2 to 14.
Under the supervision of staff members and highly qualified educators, the city simulates daily life for adults where children are able to develop a sense of responsibility and a culture of teamwork as they learn about the various professions and value of money. The KidzMondo city has its own economy and even uses its own currency, the ‘Kidlar’.
KidzMondo Saudi Arabia is expected to cooperate with more than 60 brands that will sponsor various activities in the miniature city including: a fire station, a bank, an oil refinery, a police station, a solar energy plant, a supermarket, a gas station, telecommunication, insurance, trading, and construction companies, restaurants, radio and TV stations, newspapers, a house painting site, a hospital, a pharmacy, a driver’s training area, water plants, dairy factories, juice and chocolate factories, a glass factory, a university, an academy, and an arts and crafts workshop among others.
KidzMondo theme parks, which are present in several countries including Lebanon, Turkey, and the UAE, are gaining growing demand around the world as it offers the opportunity for young people to have unique experiences through the combination of entertainment and education.
“It is a great pleasure to work with Kidz Holding and to obtain the exclusive right of the KidzMondo franchise in Saudi Arabia. This reflects the general inclination of our wise leadership and our will to build and educate the sons and daughters of the future by providing them with the best possible means,” Al-Rashid said. (14July)

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